10 Minute Meditation Every Day

10 Minute Meditation Min

Imagine what would happen if a family member or a loved one asked us to give him or her only 10 minutes a day. Now, let’s think of someone who will not leave us alone forever, who will come into the world with us and die with us – that is, we want it from ourselves. Why not set aside 10 minutes each day? However, we spend our hours every day without thinking about work or other people. Meditation allows us to appreciate these 10 minutes perfectly. Let me first tell you the story of how I understood the power of meditation:

The Power of 10 Minute Meditation

I used to work in a bank. I worked in one of the most crowded and largest branches of the bank. Every morning as I approached the door, I saw a large number of people queuing up in front of the workers and gathering at the door, and sometimes I even had difficulty entering through the door. All-day long I was busy serving nervous, aggressive, and troubled people, and I had to return home late from work in the evening. I also used the subway as a means of transportation.

Getting on and off the subway and struggling with busses was different stress. It was another pain to wake up in the morning, to leave the house as soon as I regained consciousness, and to experience tension so as not to be late for work. Every morning I was immersed in intense people, stressful environments, and a society that hated the life they lived.

Once it was spring. I left the house in the same way, tense and in a hurry. In my mind, I hurried to the subway, thinking about how I would be able to cope with hundreds of customers, and when this torturous lifestyle would end. But for the first time in my standard and monotonous life, I came across something different. A flock of birds flew very low towards me and I thought I would collide with them. But they maneuvered skillfully, slipped away from me, and landed on the giant tree behind me and began to play beautiful melodies. I turned and looked at this tree and the birds. As I looked at the green tree, I suddenly noticed that the blue sky was united with the green leaves of the tree.

Every day, new colors entered the life of a man of white, black, and gray. For the first time, my fears and anxieties calmed down, albeit temporarily. I looked at these birds and wanted to be as free as they were. Then I looked around again and saw sad people rushing to the subway under the stress of life. Today I decided not to be one of them. I said I would do something different today and decided to take 10 minutes.

I sat on a bench in the park, put my work bag next to me, and looked up at the sky. After a few minutes, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath without doing anything. With each breath, my heart was filled with peace and comfort. Stress and tension were beginning to leave me. For the first time, I realized here that I had forgotten to breathe for a long time. That day, for the first time, I unknowingly became acquainted with meditation. That day, no matter how busy the subway and work, I felt a spark of peace and comfort in my heart. Fortunately, I was not late for work.

So I decided that what I really needed to do was spend 10 minutes each day breathing and clearing my mind. At first, it was difficult. Because in the fast-paced and fast-paced world we live in, it’s hard to slow down and sit and breathe for 10 minutes without doing anything when everyone is running. But, unfortunately, we forget to breathe in this fast-paced world. That is why our life is gray and monotonous. Unconsciously, we cannot see how the day begins or ends. We cannot look around and feel nature.

Meditation On Mountains

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How can I meditate?

I did some research on how to meditate properly and have already spent 10 minutes every day meditating. There is no difficulty. It is advisable to be surrounded by nature. At home, it is better to be in front of the window. We close our eyes. We try to take a deep breath. We breathe through our nose for 3-4 seconds. We keep it inside for 5-6 seconds. Then we exhale for 6-7 seconds. At these moments, many negative and positive thoughts will appear in our brains. Don’t fight them and try to get them out of your brain. Just be aware.

The sky is always blue and clear. Sometimes the sky is covered with black or white clouds. The key is to be able to see your clear and transparent sky behind those clouds again. Applying them has yielded very effective results in my life. Every day I felt that it had a positive effect on my health, both physically and psychologically. The mind is like a garden. The garden is also full of weeds when you don’t pay attention for a long time, and a neglected garden has no beauty. But if we take care of the garden every day, our garden will be surrounded by flowers, fruits, and beauties, and it will be more useful.

What do you think about meditation? Are you ready to set aside 10 minutes each day to take care of your mind? You can share your thoughts in the comments and if you like the post, you can support by sharing.

In the next article, I plan to write about ways and directions to meditate. Stay tuned. For now.

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