How To Create an Android Application Without Coding

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Creating an Android mobile app without writing any code or writing a minimal amount of code has become even easier. While this is ideal for non-programmers, experienced programmers can also use such methods to make their time more efficient. Now I will talk about two methods and introduce you to some tools and templates to implement these methods.


CodeCanyon is an online platform with hundreds of professional Android application templates and builder tools. Some of these templates have incredibly rich functionality and good design. Sometimes creating an app can take you days or even months. CodeCanyon will allow you to save your days and months.

Use Application Builders

Application builders allow you to create an application by filling out several forms. It is possible to create many applications with the most popular of such builders. For example, you can use them to create e-commerce applications, news applications, or even chat applications. The best part is that you won’t have to write a single line of code to do this.

1. React App Builder

React an application builder is a premium tool available at CodeCanyon. He is perhaps the most powerful and flexible application builder you can get today. Because React Native uses a cross-platform framework, you can use it when creating apps for both Android and iOS devices.

React application builder has a very easy interface to create an application. In addition, it offers you 11 beautiful templates.

It should be noted that this tool also provides cloud-based services. If you don’t want to spend time installing, configuring, and updating your tool on your computer, cloud-based service will be the ideal offer for you.

2. IMABuildeRz

IMABuildeRz is another popular application developer that can create apps for both Android and iOS devices. It can generate TypeScript and SCSS code because it uses the Ionic 4 framework internally.

There are a number of add-ons in this tool that you can quickly add basic features to your applications as you wish. This includes, for example, applications that can quickly create “About Us” and “Contact” pages to manage forms, JSON documents, JWT authentication, and AdMob ads.

In addition, with this tool, you will be able to install text conversion, barcode scanning, and media streaming functions.

3. Appsgeyser: Free Android app builder

If you are looking for a free tool to create an application, it is worth checking out AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser has over 70 application templates and has a simple interface to customize these templates. Here you will find quizzes for quiz apps, coloring apps, browsers, messengers, and a number of different game types.

I must say that the free version of AppsGeyser halves your earnings. That is, you need to place ads in your application and share 50% of advertising revenue with AppsGeyser. If you are not satisfied with this version, you can switch to the premium version and turn off the ads altogether.

Turn a website into an application

If you already have an app in your blog or web version, CodeCanyon has tools to turn it into an Android app. Most of these tools use Webviews or the WordPress API.

4. WebViewGold for Android

WebViewGold for Android is a very popular template that converts websites into high-quality Android applications. Through it, you will get in-app sales, notifications, links, AdMob ads, and many talks in the apps you build.

Webviewgold Android

If you urgently need to develop an application, even in a few minutes, WebViewGold is just for you. All you have to do is show your website or a folder where all your HTML documents are located in the template, and it will build the application for you with the latest version of Android Studio.

WebViewGold is also available for iOS. So, if you want your app to work with the same functionality on both Android and iOS, these templates are just for you.

5. Universal Android WebView

The universal Android WebView template has been a Bestseller on CodeCanyon for many years. This Android template can turn any website into a beautiful Material Design application that works well on both phones and tablets. Colors Material is important for Design and offers ten types of beautiful color templates.

Applications you install with this template support navigation and update functions by dragging the screen. In addition, your application will be fully integrated with AdMob ads, Firebase Analytics, and Firebase Cloud Messaging, as well as a download manager within the application to manage file downloads.

You will need to make changes to the single configuration file to design the universal Android WebView template to your liking. This configuration file is very easy to manage. So if you have an easy-to-manage website, you can use this template to turn it into a well-designed application in about 15 minutes.

6. Android App Builder

You can convert any website to an Android application through Android App Builder. It likewise offers extra highlights for WordPress locales. For example, there are six different layouts for presenting your WordPress posts with the parallax scrolling effect.

If your site is not on the WordPress platform, to make it a good application, first make sure that the layout of your site is responsive. Applications for such websites may have useful functions such as uploading and downloading files, download indicators, as well as dragging the screen to update.

Android App Builder also has several features to manage all the YouTube videos, Flickr albums, and Tumblr posts you post on your website. It offers six layouts to display YouTube channels and video list content, and three layouts to display the content of your Flickr albums and Tumblr photo posts.

7. Flink App Builder

Flink App Builder is a powerful tool that helps you convert a WordPress site to an Android application with a few clicks. Because it is fully integrated with the WordPress platform, the applications you build with it will be able to display all your blog posts, pages, comments, and image gallery in a beautiful way. In addition, any changes you make to your blog will be immediately reflected in your application.

All apps you create with Flink will have built-in support for notifications. If you want to use these apps to make money, you can add AdMob ads or Facebook Audience Network ads to the app.

Flink applications offer many additional features to satisfy users, such as screen transition animations, first drop-down screens, and Material Design components. To me, one of the great things about this app builder is that they not only provide registration and login support for users but also encrypt the content.

Finally, I will say…

Well, you don’t have to be a programmer to be able to install lucrative Android apps.

In this article, I have taught you How To Create an Android Application Without Coding. Most of the tools I have mentioned are so simple that you may often be tempted to create an application.

You can create a new passive source of income for yourself by adding ads to those apps and posting them on Google Play.

If you want to create an attractive application for your business in a brief time, I suggest you look at the Android application templates available in CodeCanyon. If you are interested in developing an application, I can write more articles about it later.

Earlier, I shared an article called the WordPress Seo Optimization Free Detailed TIPS. In that article, I explained how to optimize WordPress website for SEO.

If you have questions or difficulties, write in the comments section and I will answer.

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