How to Install Chrome Extension on Opera


As you know, there are many large and small applications that we call browsers to browse the internet. The most famous and most used of these is of course Google Chrome. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to use different browsers depending on the operations you will take. Opera is one of these browsers. Even if I don’t use it all the time, its built-in ad-blocking feature, ready-made VPN option, which I think is a very nice service to activate VPN with one click.

Anyway, to return to our topic, Opera includes many extensions for the needs of users such as Chrome and Mozilla. However, you are always using Chrome like me and there may be extensions in Chrome but not Opera. For example, like translate … Actually, there are special translate extensions written for Opera, but I would like to install extensions prepared by people/institutions that I know, especially by looking at the producer.

In such cases, I will introduce a very simple extension designed for you to use Chrome extensions in Opera. The name of the extension is Install Chrome Extensions.

Download address:

Installing the Opera extension is quite simple. It will be enough to enter the address I gave above and click the green “Add to Opera” button on the opening page.

Using the Install Chrome Extension

The extension is also very simple to use.

Step 1
Open the Chrome store by going to in Opera.

Step 2

Find the extension you want to install and click the “Add to Opera” button on the right.

Step 3
Enable the add-on in the Opera Extensions section. Added extensions are not activated unless you install them.


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