PlayStation 5 Sold out the night it went on sale! PS5 review


With the PlayStation state of play activation, Sony introduced the third party games that will come for PlayStation 4 and PS VR. PlayStation 5, Sony’s long-awaited new game console, is now available for pre-order; It drew attention that it was exhausted as soon as it went on sale. Here are the features and prices of the highly anticipated PS5 …

As expected, Sony is preparing to sell the new game console PS5. The prices of the device were revealed last night. The game controller called DualSense has been shared before. Sony also announced the release date of PlayStation 5. According to the announcement, the console will be available in the USA, Japan, and European countries on November 12. PS5, while the other side of the world, including Turkey’s future in the midst of the information obtained on November 19.

With the announcement of Sony’s PS5 release date, it was learned that the digital version of the PS5, which was offered for sale on Amazon’s US portal, was sold out overnight.

Sony has unveiled the highly anticipated new generation console PlayStation 5 (PS5) on Youtube and Twitch in the last few weeks. The number of people who instantly watched the live broadcast opened by Sony on Youtube exceeded 2 million. According to many speculations, at what price PS5 will be offered from abroad, the prices are determined. How is the view of the PlayStation 5 game console watched by about 2 million people? Here are the answers:


There are two different PS5 consoles in the shared images. The biggest difference of the version, which is the Digital Edition, is that it does not have a disk driver, so you have to download games only on the internet.

The game named DualSense, which was previously introduced is now seen as a perfect futuristic design with the body of the shared console. It is seen that the console was designed in a vertical position and the work was designed in white with a loaded case.


According to the information received from sources close to Sony company, the PlayStation 5 is expected to be closed for a while, even if the price has been determined.

According to the heard, the PS5 version with the disc will pay $ 499, and those who want to get the PS5 version without the disc drive will pay 399 dollars. Again, just like the source, the price of the PS5’s DualSense, the joystick, was determined as 49 Euros.


On the PS5 game list, games such as Gran Turismo 7, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West, hits from Sony-owned studios. Apart from that, there are games from third-party game producers such as Deathloop, NBA 2K21, Resident Evil: Village, Hitman III.

However, there are other games that were not shown in the PlayStation 5 event on this list, but also in the production stage, which are confirmed to come to PS5.

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