Sand Steenbras Fishing! by Triggering Maggots in the Khazar Islands


Let me start this fishing like this: I have never seen so many Steenbras in my life. Whether big or small, there is an incredible abundance of Steenbras this year in the Khazar Islands (Caspian Sea). I added the fishing date to be included in my records.

Normally, I would catch for Steenbras in a certain area of ​​Nabran (which we can come across) and under the “Maiden Tower”. However, I did not go under Pirallahi because it is a well-known place and because it is difficult to park the car. Of course, the taste and size of the fish caught it is different and I could not come across fish of that size elsewhere. Until this Fishing.

The sea seemed to be mad that such weather is good for sand steenbras-fishing. Big fish approach the shores and easily prey on other sea creatures that appear in the chaos created by the wave. That’s why Steenbras catchers should pay special attention to this issue. As you can watch the video on my youtube channel, your fishing rod can dance from the wind and waves but don’t worry. In proportion to the size of the incoming fish, the way it strikes is different.

The fishing line I used is a fishing rod laid on the sand with two shackles, the video of which I have published before. Normal 3 fishing rods can also be used, but in this type of team, you have a good chance of catching big fish and you can get a frequent shot. When two fish come at the same time, then the pleasure of fishing is different. Another advantage of this fishing line is that it is compatible with the feeding style of the corn. Because the steenbras tries to feed by scraping the bottom of the water, that is, the sand, just like the carp. For this reason, we look for fish like steenbras in the sands.

The bait used is mud worm found mostly in the muddy areas in the sandy areas. This worm-like wormfish can be used whole or half depending on the frequency of strokes. When I look at the overall picture, I can say that this fish is more prone to worms and similar baits. Of course, it can be caught with pheasants, but not as productive as the worm varieties. In this fishing, we was catch 9 fish that had reached sufficient size as a result. Its location is the Khazar Islands area.

In this fishing, I tried to give you both information about fishing and how to catch for sand steenbras. I hope it was useful. Have a good time!


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