Should You Use www? Which Is Better for SEO?

Should You Use www? Which Is Better for SEO?

“To be or not to be is all that matters” is W. Shakespeare’s most famous line. (By the way, I realized that I did not know the other line and I was embarrassed by it. After this article, your first thing will be to read a little Shakespeare. After all, not knowing but not learning is a crime …)

WWW in Domain Name

There has been a lot of discussion on this issue for years and it has remained a matter of choice for the site owner, which cannot be concluded. What should you do if you are unsure about this? Should he use www or not?

Use WWW! Since we are not a nation that likes to read, I give the answer as much as possible at the beginning of my article. If you wonder why you can find detailed reasons below. If you say I don’t want details, let’s solve this job easily, would it be if it wasn’t necessary? Let me close the subject by saying …

If you are still with us and will continue to wonder and read, I will go into www from your past and out of your future. The detail is not important, I do not worry, I don’t have time, if you say I found an answer to my question, maybe you can find something else that interests you in Tahir Miri’s Blog by clicking here.

The Impact of Having WWW in Domain Name on SEO

In terms of SEO, since January 1997, it has been compulsory to choose a canonical URL, since and domain name can point to different IP addresses. This is a tag that indicates that if there are 2 different pages with the same content under the same domain name, which one is original and should be considered by search engines.

In order to make this distinction, you must direct all the variations you do not use to the main domain name with a 301 redirect. In this way, both search engine bots and users are automatically directed to the www or non-www variation preferred by the site owner. Search engine bots will prevent duplicate content from indexing the same page with different variations. Sample; I want to use my domain name as www.tahirmiri.COM. Main Domain Name – It was redirected to the domain name with 301 Redirections.

(A different issue, but the same process was done in http: // because I use SSL certificate. Http automatically goes to https.)

In summary, as long as you make the necessary 301 redirects, it doesn’t matter much for search bots or users to have a www in the domain or not.

In terms of SEO, it is necessary to use www in terms of performance, security, and flexibility.

Cookies Are Transferred to Subdomains

Considering SEO first, the most important thing is to load unnecessary cookies, which can affect speed. Cookies set from a hostname are also sent to all subdomains. If there are prefixes in your domain name that we call subdomain;


In other words, if you use cookies on your website, these cookies will be requested from the server by the browser of the users entering your site. The server will not refuse this request and will download the cookies to the user’s computer. For this reason, cookies may unnecessarily travel between your main and subdomain names.

Any cookie to be created in the TAHIRMIRI.COM domain will be requested by the user’s browser, although all sub-domains under this domain name are unnecessary. EX; A visitor browsing on will unnecessarily roam with the user if you have a sub-domain name such as,, ekrem.tahirmiri.comand enters one of them. Good thing you can say they are all the same domain name because they are both the same website after all …

On the contrary, if the site domain name is “www.tahirmiri.COM”, cookies will only remain in www and will not be transferred to other subdomains.

Considering the above situation, when a domain name is used without www and the user switches to the subdomain (if applicable), communication will slow down and damage performance. Considering the importance of milliseconds in site speed calculations for SEO, this means a bad user experience.

Apart from that, it should be kept in mind that cookies can be read by third parties. For this reason, it would be more logical to use www for security reasons.

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