The Secret of Effective Advertising on Instagram

The Secret of Effective Advertising on Instagram

When you say what is the most effective advertising channel at the moment, the first Facebook and Instagram ads come to mind. Recently, the most frequently asked question on Instagram and Facebook is that a lot of money is spent, few people see it, I do not see the effect of advertising.

As you probably know, the advertising fee on Facebook is in the form of an auction. I just say Facebook, because we advertise on Instagram, on Facebook.

How can I make my ad more effective?

  • Get to know your target audience first: If you advertise a beauty salon in London, show your advertisement only to women, noting the age range of your clients living in those areas. Or, if you are advertising a wedding house, show the ad to those who are engaged because they may be potential customers.
  • Show your target audience what you want to see: If the ad you are showing to your target audience is not in the target audience’s interest, and they convert the ad as soon as they see it, the ad price will start to increase automatically. You need to show an ad to your target audience so that when they see the ad, they will look at it for at least 5 seconds, like and comment.
  • Divide your advertising campaign into stages: If you’re going to do an ad campaign for $500, don’t put all your money on 1-2 ads at once. Divide the campaign into 3 stages:

Facebook Ad Testing

Let’s call the first stage of the test stage. At this stage, we start 6-7 different forms of advertising campaigns with a daily budget of $5.

For example, we know that our target audience is only men, but their exact interests, age, and so on. If we can’t guess, we choose 3-4 cities in our advertising campaign between the ages of 18-30 and choose to show ads on Facebook only on the mobile.

In our 2nd campaign, we choose a different age range and show it on Instagram with a different picture or video. We create 6-7 different ads. The next day, we open the ad manager section to see what the effect is.

We see that more than 3-4 pieces of money are ineffective, but there is one of them, which showed most people for $5 and gave the desired effect.

If none of you like it, create and test 3-4 campaigns again, but if you like more than one move on to the next stage. We turn off all ineffective ads so that no money is wasted.

In the second stage, we have to try to find our most successful advertising campaign by changing the place of our advertisements that have been eliminated from the test stage.

We create 5-6 of our most effective ads in the first stage and make some changes in each of them. In one we change age, in another, we change interests.

Even so, we still create 5-6 advertising campaigns at this stage for $5.

Again, the next day, we delete ineffective ads, declare our most effective ad the winner, turn off the others, and allocate the remaining budget for this ad. If you want, you can still create and test a few similar ones in this latest advertising campaign.

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