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For a long time now, they have been advertising their business, website, any Facebook page, etc. by creating and enlarging Facebook pages, groups. But over time, Facebook’s algorithms have become more sophisticated, and while it’s still possible to do this kind of marketing on a small scale, it still doesn’t work.  With the idea that we can do anything we want, I decided to write about how to promote your business, site, or other pages on Facebook for free and effectively, without spending a penny on such advertising.

So I thought that if a person can’t afford to spend a penny on advertising and wants to advertise his business, then this option can bring traffic to the site.

The most important thing in this method of teaching is that you do not use your personal Facebook profile for business purposes. This method is similar to a method called “Greyhat” in SEO (buying an old domain, creating duplicate content, collecting followers for money, etc.). Although this method works, it’s like playing with a little fire. To learn more about SEO strategies, you can read my other posts in the SEO category of my blog.

Now let’s go back to Facebook.

When you browse the Facebook homepage, you’ll see that most of the posts come from friends, paid ads, and rarely from your favorite Facebook page.

So the idea of ​​the strategy I’m going to present is to gather 5,000 friends on your profile and share posts from there.

When this happens, you can see your friends’ posts, like them, become a customer, and so on. chances are high. In addition, Facebook users find information from their friends more personal and reliable than ads.

Create the Right Facebook profile

After a series of analyzes, I came to the conclusion that the best profiles are not by e-mail, but by phone number. Therefore, a new phone number is required for the new profile.

The second important point is to use the Facebook mobile application when creating an account. The most convenient way to avoid interfering with your main Facebook account is to download the Facebook Lite mobile application (the official FB application for Android and iOS).

After downloading the application, create a new account, and add a new phone number. In some cases, Facebook sends a password via SMS to a new number to confirm the account. Thanks to this confirmation, your account will be more natural and FB will trust you more.

Then, as a rule, start filling in your profile information completely. It’s a good idea to share a few posts, photos, and a few statuses from trusted websites. All this is so that other profiles can easily make you friends.

Have 5,000 friends on your profile

While Facebook doesn’t allow 5,000 people to easily send friends, I’ll share an easy way to do it.

If you log in to profiles one by one and send a friend, you can be blocked soon, but there is one area that Facebook doesn’t pay much attention to, and that way you can even send a friend to 1000 people a day. The more these friends react when you share something, the more Facebook will post it on your homepage, and the more your business will benefit.

Let’s say you have a fashion website and you want to promote it on your new Facebook profiles. First, you need to send a friend to your target audience. To do this, start following the big Facebook pages related to fashion. Check the posts on those pages, find the posts with the most responses, and copy the URL of the reaction. You find and copy the URL by right-clicking (1) on the reactions as in the screenshot below (2).

When you enter the reaction URL, you will see all the profiles that sent the reaction to that post, and of course the friendly send buttons next to them.

The point is that if you want to send 100 friendly offers a day from this page, Facebook will not block you. But, of course, after sending an offer, you have to wait for them to accept you. According to tests, the acceptance rate is between 20-30%. In some cases, Facebook may send you a message not to send friends to people you don’t know personally, or to confirm that you know the person you want to send friends with. The first message is ignored, you can close it. In the second case, confirm that you know the person to whom you sent the friendship proposal.

Let’s make the issue a little bigger

I’ve been talking about creating a profile for a long time. You can create multiple profiles, in the same way, to promote your business to a wider audience, adding 5,000 friends to each. But make sure you don’t add the same people to all your profiles. 10 profiles, each with 5,000 friends, means an audience of 50,000 people.

In addition, you can create a Facebook group related to your business and invite your friends from every profile. But be careful not to invite more than 50-100 people to the group during the day. Facebook is more serious about this.

I hope this post will be useful to you and your business. If you want to read more useful information, follow my blog, and write to me about other topics you want to learn.

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