Top 9 Tips for Traveling Abroad for the First Time!

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You may be buying an international flight ticket for the first time in your life. First of all, you should know that this is something that can happen to anyone. Be calm or not, you will go abroad for the first time, after all, get excited to the end, but do not lose your excitement and miss something. At, we also guide you abroad while selling flight tickets and make your first experiences unforgettable. If the flight ticket has been bought, there is a preparation and a little information process next. We are ready to tell you what we know. Let’s see, let’s make the first travel preparation together.

Book flight tickets on flexible dates

If your travel dates are flexible when purchasing air tickets, we recommend that you catch the most suitable flight ticket periods. If the date of your holiday is clear, then we recommend that you make a reservation months in advance.

Learn a few basic sentences in the local language

English is a global language, but if you are going to places whose native language is not English, be sure to learn a few basic words and sentences related to the local language of the country. When you learn a few words like Hello, good morning, good evening, thank you, make sure you will have a more enjoyable time. Learning the language of the country you are going to can provide you with extra discounts on shopping. The cute tourist is always loved! 🙂

Secure your passport and wallet

Be sure to secure your travel items such as passports, wallets, and identity cards. Backpacks can be indispensable for travel, but for those who want to steal, backpacks are incredibly practical. You can choose bags with ruffles or use a minimal bag that you can hang your passport and wallet on. At this stage, it is useful to have the photo of the first pages of your passport on your phone and in your e-mail address. In this way, you can speed up the transactions otherwise.

Don’t forget to check your visa and passport dates

If you are going abroad for the first time and you have already issued your passport, be sure to check its duration. Many countries require the visa and passport to be valid for at least six months. In countries where you will go without a visa, it is sufficient to pay attention to your passport duration.

Make a list of to-do and attractions

Make sure to plan ahead for your destination. The best trip is unplanned admission, but you should still take small notes about the basic points in the city and determine where to visit and where to eat. So you can see every place to be seen. Don’t just buy a flight ticket, collect some information about your destination.

Take advantage of mobile apps

You can install many applications that will make your work easier on your phone, such as a map, translation, tour guide offering places to visit. You can solve many problems you encounter immediately thanks to the applications. You should know that mobile applications will make your life much easier. Don’t forget to install the map application in particular.

Don’t be late for the airport

There are hundreds of people who missed flights because they were late to the airport and whose plane tickets were burned. Go to the airport at least 2 hours in advance so that the journey you have dreamed of is not canceled. Don’t be late, especially if you haven’t received a mortar stamp. Because you can wait in line to get the mortar stamp.

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance

Travel insurance will be your biggest supporter in solving health problems you will encounter during your travel. Make sure to copy your insurance policy and put it in your bag. Being prepared for anything will make your trip safer and stress-free.

Do not throw unnecessary things in your bag, wear sneakers

Since your backpack will be on your back throughout the trip, but only the essentials in it. You can put in a spare t-shirt, a cardigan, maybe a book, band-aid, pain reliever, water thermos, etc. To overcome your charging problem, be sure to have a power bank.

As, we will continue to give important tips from time to time to those who will be traveling for the first time. We recommend that you consider our tips to make your travels more enjoyable and safe. Great deals await you on our website where you can buy cheap flight tickets throughout the year. Don’t forget to follow our ticket page and blog.

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