What Are Hidden Threats to Driver Safety?


What might be hidden threats to driver security? When running a business, you have a lot of obligations. These obligations range from profit obligations to shareholders to smaller obligations, such as promises to a small member of your team.

Above all, your first and primary obligation is always the safety of your employees. First of all, if you don’t provide effective care and protection for your staff you will be heavily punished by law.

It is simple to maintain security in your own facility. After all, the risks within a building are often predictable and easy to use. But what will happen when your staff goes out of your facility using your fleet vehicles? After all, you still have a maintenance task.

The answer is fleet risk management, but what are the hidden threats to your business that fleet risk management can protect? Let’s have a look.

Driver safety invalid/prohibited driver licenses

This may seem like a minor risk, but there are many drivers on the road who have their license revoked, their driving expired, or have been banned from driving for a while. In fact, out of 650 drivers who have their license checked, 1 is driving while disqualified, and 1 out of 300 is revoked or expired. Also, 1 in 16 drivers have problems with their photocard.

Driving with any of these issues is illegal, and in the event of an accident, you will be personally responsible for not checking the credentials. This is why fleet license checking is extremely vital in a comprehensive risk management solution.

Bad Driving Habits

We are all guilty of bad driving habits after years of driving on roads. These bad habits are dangerous in our own vehicles, but in a fleet vehicle, there is a risk of putting all the work at risk unless you act to handle them.

Whether it’s cornering too fast, not checking the side mirrors, constantly driving above the speed limit, late braking, or any other bad driving habits, anything can put you, your staff, and the public at risk. Driver retraining is therefore a legal requirement.


Other Drivers

You can be as safe as you can be on the road, but you cannot always guess what other drivers on the road will do. Many accidents due to carelessness, drunkenness, or simply dangerous driving will not be the fault of your staff.

However, fleet driver training can teach your staff to pay more attention to warning signs and act accordingly. Another little way to prove that education is necessary – especially if it saves a life.

DriveTech is part of the AA and is one of the UK’s leading fleet driver license providers for small or large businesses. With a dedicated team that can deliver both nationally and online, we are a smart choice for your business.

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