What is Backlink? and How to Build Backlinks?


If there is something indispensable in SEO work as in the past, the room is backlink work. The fact that everybody has a voice about backlinks confirms how important it is for SEO. How is backlink work done? Before I get into the topic, What is Backlink? It is useful to explain this a little bit.

What is Backlink?

What is Backlink? A backlink is the SEO term used for links from other websites, forums, blogs, or social media sites directly to your website or to at least one of the sub-pages that make up your site. (Glossary of SEO Terms) Backliners are a very important criterion from an SEO perspective. Because most of the search engines make use of the number of backlinks in calculating the quality and authority of a website.

How Does Backlink Work?

Let me explain backlinks with a simple example without confusing authority, quality, etc. On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, you will take your lover to dinner. You are not sure where to take it, and you asked a few of your sincere friends where to take my girlfriend to get suggestions. Let’s say you consult 5 friends and 4 of them said the same place. In this case, the place where you will take your lover to dinner will probably be the place recommended by your 4 friends.

Search engines also work with this logic and take into account the backlinks given to a website and put that website higher. So it receives recommendations from other sites.

First of all, it is useful to know that backlink is an SEO criterion that is less effective than in the past. The decrease shouldn’t be misunderstood because it used to be very easy to put a site first with only further backlinks. It is not sufficient alone today, but still a necessary criterion.

I said, although its importance has decreased compared to the past, it has not decreased in fact.

If we examine the subject a little more, as you know, the concept called PageRank was the basis of Google and the PageRank value of a site as measured by the backlinks that the site received from other sites.

But this system has been so abused by SEO experts that Google eventually stepped into the issue. I can only say this without getting into much detail on what he does. If your site is in the health category, it will be more beneficial to get 1 backlink from a good health-related website instead of getting dozens of irrelevant backlinks.

Is Backlink Only Enough in SEO?

Backlink was everything in the past, and it would easily rank a site alone. But today, only backlinks are not enough. In terms of SEO, it maybe 50% of a site’s SEO success. However, there is a situation like this;

Let’s say I got 1000 backlinks for my What is SEO page on my site in a short time. These are scattered around organic, social bookmarking, forum sites, etc. My Google rank in WordPress searches started to increase and in a few months, my traffic on the word “WordPress” started to increase. Even if everything seems to be going well, if your content is not sufficient, if your site speed is below average and your site bounce rate is increasing, you are guaranteed to get lost in search results in a few weeks.

The best examples of this are that sites that buy backlink packages will rise in a short time and then disappear.

Search engines like Google are thinking about testing and testing. There are many new backlinks to your site looking. Hmm, the backlinks have increased and he says, let me move this page up for a few days and follow the situation. It starts tracking user behavior by showing you on top and letting you drive certain traffic. If users are satisfied with your site, it continues to move you to the top. But if the users are not satisfied, they say that you have made a certain three papers and impose the sanction they should make to you.

Organic Backlinks

The most valuable backlinks in terms of SEO are only backlinks that are created by the quality of your content. For this reason, it is called a natural, organic backlink. You prepare content for your site and some of your visitors like your content, they publish all of your content on their website or blog by referring you to their own content on the same topic. Organic backlinks are the hardest to get, it takes time, but as I said at the beginning, it is very valuable.

According to some, backlinks from blog sites (such as WordPress, blogger) do not fall into this category and are unnecessary. Those who say this are usually the ones who open a front blog and expect something from here with 2-3 articles. Of course, there is no benefit from those blogs. A blog with 2-3 articles does not help itself, it can be for someone else. The blog sites I’m talking about are really blog pages that bloggers are constantly updating.

On the other hand, if you have a website that promotes cars and you get a backlink from a recipe site, the benefit will be very low. Wouldn’t it be silly to see cars on a website you visit for recipes? This incident, which seems absurd to you, of course, seems absurd to search engines.

Social Media Backlinks

There is an important criterion for social media backlinks, also known as social media bookmarks. Social media site that comes with a backlink with your site’s content. For example, while Linkedin is more important for a national company site if you have a website with entertainment content, backlinks from Instagram and Facebook are more important. Twitter is the most important social media site in Google’s eyes. Your presence here and how active you are being taken into account. Do not forget that all heads of state make statements by Tweeting occasionally.

From where does our Minister of Health explain Covid-19 statistics every day?

Although links from social media sites are no-follow, search engines consider these links even if they do not show them in search results.


As a result, backlinks are a very effective method for promoting websites when done correctly. Of course, to get fast results, your website’s internal SEO and content quality must be very advanced. You can see the quality of your internal SEO by following the errors section in Google Search Console. User experience, on the other hand, can be estimated by examining the metrics in Analytics that show the length of time users stay on your site and whether they are coming back.

My suggestion for backlink studies would be to distribute the keyword and link density organically. It is also useful to stay away from backlink packages sold. As I always say, we now have Google artificial intelligence, which is smarter than us in these matters and improves itself every day. Prepare your website for your users, and move forward by putting yourself in their shoes.


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