Why Investments in SEO Increase in the World and in Our Country?


Due to the epidemic that took over the world, people had to take a break from social life. People who take a break from their social lives due to the virus are more interested in social media and adapt to the digital world that makes itself felt in many parts of life.

According to researches, there are 62 million active Internet users in our country. It has been determined that 75% of 62 million Internet users are strictly Internet users. In the geography we are in, the way for companies to exist on a global scale is to keep up with the digital world. The digital world has important opportunities for companies, making it very easy for a company to reach its target audience, easily introduce the products they offer to the market, and enable them to communicate quickly with their customers, and the importance of digitalization makes itself felt in all areas of trade.

There are many methods of digital marketing, but there is only one method of digital marketing that can lead to success. The results to be achieved within the implementation of a correct digital marketing plan will be as follows: With the delivery of products to the target audience and the promotion of the brand on a national and international scale, the rate of growth and profit will be equal.

  • Determining the Target Audience
  • Delivering Products to Target Audience
  • Promotion of Delivered Products in National and International channels
  • As a result of the correct digital marketing, it is determined that the growth and profit rates are equal at the same rate.

8 Million of the Population in Azerbaijan are Active Internet Users!

The results of the researches on the use of the Internet in Azerbaijan are quite surprising, there are 8 million active Internet users in our country. 8 million active Internet users spend an average of 7 hours a day on social media. People who spend a lot of time on social media become the target audience for large or small businesses, the increase in the number of social media users and the effect of digital marketing on meeting the right products with the time-spending audience will direct businesses to invest in the SEO and social media areas.

Considering the users who spend a lot of time on the Internet, using digital marketing and social media channels is very valuable. Looking at the results obtained in the researches, the situation for digital marketing leads to big or small brands to advertise in order to get to the forefront in search engines and be found more easily.

With the increasing number of social media users in our country, social media and digital media are becoming a big market place. Regardless of large or small organizations, all of them work and apply what the right methods of digital marketing are and how they should be implemented. The world, which develops day by day and becomes a whole with technology, is now becoming a tiny place, as markets move out of their geography, being in a global market can bring more profits and is a way to increase recognition, all large and small companies are turning to invest in the field of SEO.


As we explained above, SEO is of great importance for all businesses, large or small, to gain more profit, reach the market, and gain recognition. Seo optimization ensures that businesses can be found more easily in search engines and be permanent on the front pages by classifying them in detail down to the finest detail. Thanks to SEO optimization, websites appear on the front pages of search engines’ indexes, becoming the first choice of searchers and increasing their reliability.

Research on SEO optimization estimates that in 2020, large or small businesses will make an SEO investment of $ 80 to 90 billion for websites.


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