WordPress Seo Optimization Free Detailed TIPS

Free Detailed Wordpress Seo Optimization TIPS
If you are serious about increasing the traffic to your WordPress site, you need to develop SEO and always keep in mind the best SEO examples used. Unfortunately, most WordPress SEO guides are Written in very technical language for beginners. In this article, I will introduce you to the most basic WordPress SEO techniques so you can develop your site and earn more organic traffic.
You’ve probably heard from many experts that SEO works well on the WordPress platform. That’s why most people prefer WordPress when creating a site or blog. There are several ways to optimize SEO well in WordPress. You can learn these methods here and then apply them to your site.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Best SEO, which means search engine optimization. Website owners use SEO strategies to rank high in search engines. Remember, SEO is not meant to deceive Google. Its purpose is to create a website with codes and format optimized for your site to find good in search engines.

  • Thanks to SEO, people will find the content you write more easily in search engines, and you will gain more visitors to your site.
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Why WordPress SEO is important?

Web crawlers are the essential wellspring of traffic for most destinations. Google and other search engines use advanced algorithms to properly understand and rank sites. However, these algorithms are still not perfect, they need your help to understand what your content is about.

If your content is not optimized, the search engine does not know how to hide it, so when people search for a topic related to your topic, your site will not appear in the results, and you will lose traffic. For this reason, business owners need to optimize their websites for search engines.

WordPress SEO

You can also work on SEO technically, and learn a few tips to optimize your site. If you have a WordPress site, let’s get started.

Check if your site is Visible or not Visible

WordPress automatically hides your site from search engines. Its purpose is to give you some time before you show your site to people to bring it to a fully ready version.

However, sometimes this feature may be marked by chance and your site will not appear in search engines. So, if your site does not appear in search engines, the first thing to do is to check if it enables this feature.

To do this, go to the admin panel of your WordPress site and go to the menu “Settings » Reading.


At the bottom of the page, find the Site View section, and in the Allow search engines to index this site, check the box. Remember to click on the Save changes button at the bottom to save the change.

Use SEO-friendly URLs in WordPress

SEO friendly URLs should contain words that clearly describe the content of the page so both people and search engines can easily read it.


Because these URLs are readable, the reader can only guess what content they will find on the page by looking at it.

NOT SEO-friendly URLs are as follows:

These URLs contain numbers and letters that have nothing to do with the content. The reader cannot understand anything by looking at such a URL. SEO-friendly permalink structure gives you a chance to appear in excellent places in search results.

You can check and update the permalink structure of your WordPress site in the following way.

Go to the  Settings Section » Permalinks menu, select the post name 5th Row, and click the Save changes button to save all changes.

Permalinks In WordPress

First, I would like to point out that if your site has been active for over 6 months, do not change the permalink structure (unless it is an incomprehensible permalink mixed with numbers). If the structure of the permalink comprises history and name, so be it. By changing the permalink structure, firstly, you will lose the number of shares on social media, and second, you run the risk of losing your existing SEO rankings.

If you still want to change the permalink structure, ask a professional to do the appropriate redirects for you. But in any case, you will lose the number of shares on social networks.

Whether WWW or not?

If you are building a new site, you can choose whether or not to have a www link in your site. ( or

Search engines consider these two links to be different sites. So choose one and continue with it until the end. You can write your preferred links in both the WordPress Addresses and Site Address fields by going to do the Settings »General menu.

No matter what anyone says, in terms of SEO, it’s not right to write one in each cell.

The best SEO plugins So Far

Yoast Vs All In One Seo Pack

Royalty-Free Image from Pexels


One of the best aspects of WordPress is that you can find a plugin for everything here. But for beginners, choosing between thousands of plugins can be a

little difficult. Instead of installing separate plugins to do SEO work, I will help you choose both the free and the best WordPress SEO plugin.

There are two main popular WordPress SEO plugins: Yoast SEO RankMath and All in One SEO Pack. Triple are good plugins.


Add a XML sitemap to WordPress

An XML sitemap is a custom formatted file that lists all the pages on your website. It helps web indexes discover pages rapidly.

On the off chance that you utilize the Yoast SEO module, it will consequently make an XML sitemap for you. To find your sitemap, enter your URL as follows (remember to write your site name instead of your site word):

In the next step, I will explain how to send an XML sitemap to Google.

Add your WordPress website to the new Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is also known as Webmaster Tools. With this set of tools offered by Google, site owners can see how their content looks in search engines.


The Google Search Console provides reports and information to help you understand how your pages appear in search results. You can also see which terms your site visitors find by typing in your site, how each page appears in search results, and how many times each page is visited.

All this information shows what works and what doesn’t on your site. After receiving this information, you can plan your content strategy accordingly.

Google Search Console lets you know when something isn’t working properly on your site. For example, when search engines can’t find it when there is duplicate content or limited resources.

When you enter your site into the Google Search Console, click Sitemap in the left menu and place the end of the sitemap URL.

At long last, click the Save catch to spare the changes.

Google Search Console will now check your sitemap and make it easier for search engines to find your site.

After adding the sitemap, the site will wait. Because Google robots take some time to navigate your site. In a few hours, you will see some statistics in the sitemap. It will show you the number of links you find in the sitemap, how many are indexed, the size of the images and pages, and so on. I recommend that you check the Search Console at least once a month to monitor the SEO of your website and look at its overall status.

To optimize blog posts for SEO

Beginners often think installing and activating the WordPress SEO plugin will work. If you always want to get good results, you need to constantly improve the SEO of your site.

All major SEO plugins include a title, description, and keywords for each post and page. It also shows you the preview that users encounter when they search your site on Google. I recommend that you optimize the name and description to get the maximum number of visits to your site.

When creating a blog post, go to the bottom of the page and try to make the most of all the features of the SEO section.

Seo Snippet

Keyword Research For Your Website

Many new bloggers try to guess what people are most interested in before they start writing. It resembles searching for something in obscurity. And you can’t do such nonsense where there is real data.

Keyword research is an exploration strategy utilized by content makers and SEO specialists. Thanks to this technique, users can learn what words they type in search engines to find content, products, or services. You can then use those words on your site.

There are countless keyword research tools (both paid and free). I recommend SEMRush among them. It will help you with both research keywords and find the keywords your competitors use.

The best WordPress SEO examples

If you follow the basic steps of WordPress SEO and use the best WordPress SEO plugin, you will already be ahead of many websites.

However, if you want to get better results, take a look at the WordPress SEO examples below. They do not require much technical knowledge from you.

Proper use of categories and tags in WordPress

WordPress allows you to categorize blog posts into categories and tags. This helps you manage your content by topic, find your readers by category, and help search engines understand the structure and content of your website.

Beginners usually do not know how to use categories and labels. Categories are designed to group your posts more broadly. If your blog is a book, consider that the categories are content. For example, a personal blog can have categories such as music, food, travel. You can also create subcategories because categories can be set up at a hierarchical level.

Labels are special keywords that describe the content of individual posts. For example, a post in a food category may have labels such as salad, breakfast, soup, and so on. Think of these labels as page numbers in a book.

By using categories and tags, you make it easy for your users to find any information on your site. As a result, it is easier for search engines to search.

Get in the habit of giving internal links

Search engines give page authority to every page on your site. Although what this point depends on is kept secret, one of the main conditions is to provide a link. That’s why it’s important to link to your content from other blogs or pages.

You simply must be additionally separating with the assist you with delivering toward others. This step will increase the number of visits to your pages, extend the time your readers spend on your site, and increase the SEO value of your blog posts and pages.

Optimize WordPress Comments

Comments are an indication of strong user engagement on your site. Users who are closely interested in your posts will bring more traffic to your site and improve SEO.

But you should check that your comments are real, not spam. Spammers write comments with bad links, which can affect your search rankings and even ruin it altogether. Therefore, I recommend everyone to use Akismet. It will help you fight spam comments.

If you get a lot of real comments on your blog posts, you can be proud of yourself. But too many comments can also delay the loading of your site, which will affect your ranking in search engines. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

NoFollow external links in WordPress

As I mentioned above, links indicate which pages are more important to search engines. When you link to a site, you pass a bit of your SEO score to that site.

For your site to rank well, you need to make sure you get more links than just links.

Therefore, by adding the nofollow attribute to external links (when linking to sites you do not have), you are telling search engines not to follow those links. This allows you to fully retain the power of points from traffic.

A normal external link in HTML looks like this:

<a href="">Example Website</a>

The link given the Nofollow attribute is as follows:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Example Website</a>

The nofollow attribute is not automatically installed in WordPress. But you can easily edit the links manually.

Speed and security for WordPress SEO

Even if you follow all the WordPress SEO rules, if your site is heavily loaded or hacked, it will affect your position in search engines.

You should also follow the rules below to avoid losing traffic to search engines due to heavy traffic and security issues.

Optimize the Speed and functionality of your Site

Internet experts say that users decide within a few seconds of entering the site whether they want to stay or not. This means that you only have a few seconds to present the content and interest of the user. You probably don’t want your visitors to spend this short time waiting for the site to load. Search engines rank fast-loading sites higher than heavily-loaded sites.

Optimize images in WordPress

Images are more interesting than text, but they load later. If you are not careful about image size and quality, they can aggravate your site.

First of all, pay attention to the dimensions to optimize the images. Second, place the names, sub-labels that describe the image. These labels will tell search engines what the image is about. As monitors for the visually impaired display subtext, subtitles will help. When you upload an image, WordPress allows you to easily add a title and sub-tag to the image.

Alt Tag Images

Photographers who need to upload a large number of images to their sites must install a gallery plugin. I advise them to use the Envira Gallery. I tested the speed and checked that it is the fastest WordPress gallery plugin.

WordPress site security


Every week, Google blacklists about 70,000 sites for malware and phishing. When a site is blacklisted, it does not appear in any search results. So keeping your site safe is very important for your place in search engines.

Start using SSL / HTTPS

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that encrypts the connection between the user’s browser and the server to which it is connected. It includes an additional layer of security to your site.

All WordPress hosting companies offer an SSL certificate. This certification makes the website more secure and reliable. It is important to have this certificate, especially if you have an online store, as payment information is included.

If you want a premium wildcard SSL or a free simple certified security guarantee, I recommend you use Their SSL certificate guarantees security between $ 10,000 and $ 1.75 million. Additionally, you can place a TrustLogo stamp on your site

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